Bryan Elsom: Director


Broadcast – Digital – Experiential

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It’s our job to see the world differently. We use our imagination 
to tell compelling human stories and bring brands to life.

Brand Theater

BRAND THEATER is is the part of MRB where we get to invent and explore within realm of live events and experiential content. We’ve produced everything from a product launch for a few hundred people, to annual conventions for a few thousand, to a concert and rally on the National Mall in DC for 20,000. We work to develop the richest, most immersive experiences possible with a client’s brand. Every detail is important – from table decorations to multi-screen video presentations to interactive audience participation technology. We believe that a live event is more like theater, with the client’s brand playing the leading role. Hence, Brand Theater™

Through our creative process we make our hands the extension of our hearts and minds.

MRB Journal

Handmade films daily.


  1. Bryan Elsom 951 Fell St. Unit 536, Baltimore, MD 21231
    Office 703-684-1555
    Cell 202-997-0972

    Brandon Rothenberg Producer
    Cell 804-814-5001

  2. Bill Goodwin Producer Events  

    Richard Akerson Editorial

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