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DP&L News Crew

December 2015

So your client agrees to let you create a series of on-location Sports Center style comedic parodies to present their messaging. How do you top that a year later? By creating a fake news studio of course! For the 2nd year in a row we worked with CNSG to produce an energy campaign for Dayton Power & Light featuring a news crew cast of over-the-top characters who give out energy tips. This year the theme was taking a behind-the-scenes look at the local news station where these same big characters work. We produced a six spot package over three days of shooting on set. Of course, any good local new parody would not be complete without a bad, cheesy promo spot. Cue the confident struts and the mugging to camera, switch on the dramatic lighting, pump up the Final Countdown song, and fog the room with a healthy dose of haze effect. Or maybe it was an unhealthy amount… Either way, it was too much fun!