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TSA Pre Check

October 2015

It feels pretty awesome to have insider access to an airport for filming. We even got to see the trophy room where TSA keeps all their “greatest hits” of confiscated objects! Some are absolutely ridiculous, such as a coffee mug with a brass knuckle handle. And a samurai sword! Why wouldn’t you just check that…? Anyway, working with our partners at Sage Communications we created a TV and web campaign to promote TSA’s Pre Check program. This included access to take over a section of Dulles airport for filming. The idea was to capture the Zen state of mind fostered by enrolling in the service. The concept has our main character move in slow motion without a care in the world, a stark contrast to the hustle and stress around him as other people flurry about. The catch is not only is he more chill than his peers, but he actually moves at a physically slower speed than everyone else. To achieve this, we use green screen and motion control robot camera system to counterpoint his movement against the movement of the people in his environment. It was cool.