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Planned Parenthood – Dr. Willie Parker

March 2015

Dr. Willie Parker provides abortions at the only remaining clinic in the entire state of Mississippi. He was raised fundamentalist Christian, and believes it is his religious responsibility – his personal pious mission – to provide these services to women in need. We were given the opportunity to film a short documentary about this deeply captivating man for Planned Parenthood’s 2015 Annual Conference where he was honored with the prestigious Margret Sanger Award. In order to create this short biopic of the good doctor, we went down to Mississippi and Alabama and shadowed him over the course of an emotional few days while he worked with women in need. Our time there really reinforced the heart of the issue, women’s health and access to services. Shooting with multiple cameras in extremely sensitive situations was a challenge and a balancing act. The piece was designed as a three screen video presentation, which was screened for the first time at Planned Parenthood’s large national event. We were honored to have the film be a significant part of that celebration.